Course Description

This course is introducing pupils to the food room in school. As Year 7 pupils do not have time on the timetable it is a chance to get a head start before Year 8. Pupils will be able to be creative with their own ideas and modifications to the recipes provided. They will learn to work effectively as a team and be able to take home a product to enjoy at the end!

Course Details

Staff Member:

Mrs McLeod

Aims of the course:

  1. For pupils to get familiar with Health and Safety in the kitchen
  2. To learn/build on existing culinary skills
  3. To learn how to modify recipes and present them to their best.

Skills you will learn:

Knife skills, time management, teamwork, presentation skills, washing and tidying up.    

What you will need:

Apron and something to take the product home in. Pupils also need to provide their own ingredients as and when requested.