Course Description

How to Cross Stitch, how to design a pattern using Cross Stitch. Possibly some other embroidery stitches.  Pupils will be shown how to cross stitch and will design and make a bookmark. Some pupils will have enough time to learn other stitches and make another item.  

Course Details

Staff Member:

Mrs Tranter

Aims of the course:

  • All pupils learn how to cross stitch
  • All pupils make a decorative bookmark using cross stitch
  • Some pupils make another item using cross stitch and other stiches.

Skills you will learn:

  • How to cross stitch
  • How to design a pattern using cross stitch
  • Possibly some other embroidery stitches

What you will need:

Pupils will have learnt how to cross-stitch and have made a decorative bookmark of their own design. Pupils with prior knowledge, or who have worked quickly, have produced another item by learning how to follow a pattern.