Course Description

Spinning is a fantastic way of keeping fit whilst improving your cycling skills. Designed to build strength, burn calories, increase endurance, and tone muscles. Your journey will be led by an instructor who will guide riders of all levels, from beginners to experts, through this exciting and invigorating ride while allowing you to focus on your individual fitness goals.  The fun stuff, it makes you sweat and you sure are working hard, but make sure it is in a controlled manner.

Course Details

Staff Member:

Miss Sadler

Aims of the course:

  • develop fitness, alter body image
  • learn to move better through space and time
  • develop confidence and greater understanding of human performance.

Skills you will learn:

  • endurance
  • tolerance and the ability to know how far you can challenge yourself
  • strength and fitness.

What you will need:

  • PE kit can be used and is necessary
  • There is a payment contribution. The cost of using Crossfit for each pupil is £3.00.
  • This activity does take part off site at Crossfit in Clitheroe run by Yasar Nawaz, Chris Templeman, Zara Templeman
  • A consent form is required by all pupils as well as adherence to a behaviour agreement.