Course Description

Reuse, recycle, revamp. In this workshop pupils will learn some basic stitches in order to revamp an old piece of clothing. Pupils will learn a number of different techniques, such as designing and stitching appliques and 3D embellishments. This will lead to them creating their own customised item of clothing from an old item that they bring in from home.

Course Details

Staff Member:

Mrs Whyke

Aims of the course:

  • Be able to use a range of different stitches.
  • Design their own embellishments and appliques to add to a garment.
  • Recycle an old item of clothing using stitching and embellishment techniques.

Skills you will learn:

  • Basic stitching skills
  • Designing embellishments
  • Appliques to customise an old item of clothing

What you will need:

Pupils will need to bring in an old item of clothing in the final weeks to customise. This item will be cut and sewn so pupils must have permission to bring the item in.