Course Description

Project Catwalk allows you to develop your passion for fashion to upcycle and create your own clothing, you will develop dress making and upcycling techniques to be able to develop your own creativity.

Course Details

Staff Member:

Miss Ainscow

Aims of the course:

The aim of Project Catwalk is to provide a sustainable approach to fashion, you will develop dress making and upcycling skills to be able to create your own items of clothing, offering an alternative to fast fashion which has a negative impact on the environment. You will develop embellishment techniques, print making and manipulation techniques to create unique items of clothing.

Skills you will learn:

Project fashion will develop your teamwork and leadership skills, problem solving and develop dress making and upcycling skills. Communication will also be developed as you will be working in small groups on your fashion designs.

What you will need:

Pupils will need a passion for fashion and be able to demonstrate their creativity. All materials will be provided; however, you can bring in your own old clothing to be upcycled.