Course Description

Do you want to learn Acrobatic Skills and Tricks that you can show off to your friends? FreeG and Gymnastics is your answer! Gymnastics is only the start, you will gain specific strength, flexibility, balance and learn some cool tricks of course, Gymnastics will keep you fit and active. This exiting class is for anyone and everyone, you can join in at any level there is no previous experience required. Parkour, Free-running, Tricking, Slack-lining, Circus skills, Tumbling…Possibilities are endless, See what the World looks like upside-down, have a go at Handstand with Coach Zoli.

Course Details

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Aims of the course:

  • Fundamentals of Gymnastics

  • Skills and Tricks

  • Healthy body - Healthy mind

Skills you will learn:

  • Forward/Backward Roll, Handstand, Cartwheel, Bridge, Handspring, Flick-Flack, Dive Forward Roll, Somersault, Backflip, Tic- Tac, Cat Leap, Lazy Vault, Kong, Dash, Palm Spin, Wall Flip, Tornado kick, Butterfly, Slack

    lining, German hang, Shoot out dismount, etc. - it all depends on you, how far you can progress!

What you will need:

Please wear comfortable training clothes, indoor trainers. No extra payment required other than my coaching fee. Sessions will be held within school premises, Gym hall or school yard. Consent form: this is a sport activity, minor injuries may occur.