Course Description

Project Storytelling is an island world dotted by smaller themed areas, perfect for pupils to explore creative expression in Minecraft.  You will enjoy exploring the many different islands, showing how the pirates trade and finally helping the dragon to keep vigil over the treasures in the islands.  From the main island you can explore the 6 mini islands including, the desert, the jungle and other themed islands. 

Course Details

Staff Member:

Mrs Wilkinson

Aims of the course:

  • Encourages problem solving and forging strong links with multiple subjects (literacy, numeracy, business, design technology, art and computer science)
  • Encourages creativity, collaboration and team building skills

Skills you will learn:

  • Collaborate on projects with fellow pupils
  • Document your work and share in class
  • Effectively communicate learning objectives in games
  • Play in a secure environment along with your classroom community


What you will need:

Pupils will need to have imagination and creative thinking and devices.