Course Description

You will have the chance to learn in a practical environment, some of the many styles and techniques.  It is a hands-on experience and a professional workshop that many of our previous pupils have thoroughly enjoyed. This workshop also provides the opportunity to improve in customer care skills and the development of self-confidence and communication skills. These are vital in helping pupils to improve their chance of gaining a part time job.

Course Details

Staff Member:

Leonie Smith

Aims of the course:

  • To explore different types of hairstyles and techniques
  • To be able to improve in customer care skills and how to communicate with the public
  • To understand the importance of running a business professionally.

Skills you will learn:

  • Practical hairdressing skills in styling and trimming
  • Colour management
  • Customer care and knowledge of a good business model
  • Personal and communication skills.

What you will need:

This workshop is subsidised, however there is a parental cost of £2 per workshop.