Course Description

This is a very popular workshop due to the nature of the practical experience and knowledge it provides. First aid aims to help young people be able to offer practical aid and support to anyone who is injured or is suffering. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn lifesaving skills and how best to keep yourself safe. The workshop is hands on and requires plenty of leadership and confidence. This is certainly a lifelong learning experience. Pupils will be using bandages, plasters, the recovery position, resuscitation, basic bedside manners and how to help in an asthma attack.



Course Details

Staff Member:

Mr Bent

Aims of the course:

  • To learn how to develop some practical skills in treating minor injuries/illnesses
  • To be able to administer basic CPR
  • To be able to understand how to use first aid in an emergency.

Skills you will learn:

  • Assessing and analysing situations and how best to help
  • Skills of bandaging, CPR, dealing with minor cuts and burns
  • Self-confidence and the ability to lead in situations
  • Knowledge and understanding of the basic first aid.

What you will need:

This workshop is subsidised, however there is a parental cost of £4 per workshop.