Course Description

You will do at least one walk outside school using navigation skills learnt in the classroom. You will develop team work skills and leadership qualities whilst undertaking the course. You will learn how to safely cook and clean a stove and how to pitch a tent which would ensure suitable shelter in adverse weather conditions. This is an excellent introduction to the full Duke of Edinburgh programme, if you are considering applying to undertake the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh qualification at school or at an outside provider. 

Course Details

Staff Member:

Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Nicholls

Aims of the course:

  • To know how to use a map, compass and collecting features to navigate a walk
  • To know how to effectively use a stove to cook a meal outside
  • To know how to pitch and pack a tent away safely and effectively.           

Skills you will learn:

  • Navigation skills (compass, bearings, pacing, map reading, collecting features, 6 figure grid reference)
  • Setting up and cooking safely on a stove, countryside code, pitching and safely packing away a tent.         

What you will need:

Enrichment has already purchased some waterproofs and suitable clothing which can be borrowed if organised before the walk. You will need to have old trainers, walking boots or wellies for the walk, as we will be going through muddy fields. Consent form needed for the off-site walk. Parental contribution of £2 per session needed to maintain equipment (maps, compasses, tents, stoves, gas, milk and hot chocolate for using the stoves and replacement clothing).