Course Description

The course will cover modern and traditional ideas of gender, class, race and disability through popular culture. During lessons pupils will have the opportunity to watch Disney films and identify the issues mentioned. Pupils will partake in art work, cinema trip, debate, discussions and provide written analysis of their reflections. Pupils will work towards a summer trip to Paris.     

Course Details

Staff Member:

Miss Yusuf

Aims of the course:

  • To explore how Disney films influence popular culture   
  • To reflect on how morals and values are projected through Disney films 
  • To evaluate the impact of these influences on youngsters today. Knowledge- define, identify, outline and select. Comprehension- explain, extend and interpret.

Skills you will learn:

Application- demonstrate, prepare and modify.

What you will need:

Money towards possible cinema trip, optional payment for summer trip to Paris, contribution towards food, consent forms for possible cinema trip and trip abroad.