Course Description

Over the seven weeks, you will be introduced to key ideas about arguments, including evidence, common flaws, and rhetoric. You will be encouraged to contribute verbally to discussion, learn the skills of listening and evaluating the arguments of others and present your own argument on a controversial topic. The skills of independent research, critical thinking and argument are increasingly valued by universities and employers.

Course Details

Staff Member:

Dave Jones

Aims of the course:

  1. Develop your ability to think critically.
  2. Be able to identify key elements of an argument.
  3. To explore aspects of philosophy.

Skills you will learn:

  1. Logical reasoning.
  2. Persuasive discussion.
  3. Evaluating evidence.
  4. Debating motions – for and against.

What you will need:

  1. A consent form is required by all students as well as adherence to a behaviour agreement.