The Ribblesdale Diploma

The Enrichment programme has evolved.

From September 2016 it will become the Ribblesdale Award and Diploma. You will continue to make your choices and complete six modules annually from Years 7-10 and three in Year 11 plus 2 intervention/revision modules.

Over the duration of the enrichment programme you will need to complete modules from each category in the model, PSHE/Citizenship being compulsory.

The combination of modules overtime will include at least one from each category, plus the mandatory PSHE/Citizenship, building a total of 29 units from Year 7-11 from September 2016.

Current year groups will have a reduced number of units based on your starting position in September 2016.

Every module you successfully complete your teacher or instructor will award you points using set criteria and point thresholds.

Each year you will, upon successful completion of six modules, receive an annual Award and five awards will, in Year 11, become your final Ribblesdale Diploma at either Bronze, Silver or Gold. This will also include, from KS4, your Employability Skills Certificate.

A point is allocated to each module and Award and Diploma thresholds set, along with success criteria.

The Ribblesdale Diploma will also allow you to be credited for activities, clubs and organisations you may participate in outside of school. Additional credits can be secured from your outside interests, which would need to be validated. Each additional credit will earn a bonus of 10 points.

The Final Ribblesdale Diploma will be based on the global scores or average annual awards received.

Look through the information carefully about The Ribblesdale Diploma and choices for 2017-2018.

Enrichment Level Descriptors



A highly motivated pupil who is a role model within the activity and will aim to achieve well above expectations. He/she is industrious and engages in self-reflection in order to progress. He/she is well-organised and an effective independent learner. They contribute effectively as a group/team member and take the initiative.


A motivated pupil who takes full responsibility for his/her learning, and who completes the activities and their own learning to a very high standard in relation to expectations.  He/she demonstrates initiative and has a positive approach to learning both individually and as a team/group member.



A generally positive pupil. He/she has some initiative, will seek help when he/she requires it and usually aim to complete the activity/work and their own learning to the best of his/her ability. They contribute well to group/teamwork and seek to take the initiative.


A pupil who completes work to the standard that reflects his/her ability and shows application to his/her studies. He/she generally completes activities/work and contributes to group/team work showing occasional initiative.



A pupil who demonstrates some motivation to learn and progress. He/she shows some application to class work/ activities and their own learning. His/her progress is satisfactory and they work co-operatively in a group/team with or without the direction from others.


A pupil with the potential to achieve more, but is making some progress with his/her studies. He/she is capable of distinguishing what he/she needs to do to enhance his/her learning but does not always take the initiative to do so. Class work/activities and their own learning completed are generally of a sound standard. They work as a team/group member with direction from others.



A pupil who is unprepared to learn, maybe a disruptive pupil who has a negative attitude that adversely affects his/her learning. He/she is inattentive in the sessions and does not apply himself/herself to tasks, which are often incomplete and deadlines are rarely met. He/she often rejects help and guidance that would enable him/her to further his/her learning.  They have not worked co-operatively and/or contributed to group/team work;
Due to absence they have been unable to complete the module or have attended insufficient sessions in which to make meaningful progress